Timberline Ski Area – An Adventure for Everyone

The Timberline Ski Area, or Mt. Hood Meadows as it is affectionately called by skiers, was opened approximately twenty years ago. Skiing in those years was limited, as skiers could only make use of half the mountain, skiing was reliant on snowfall and the only way up the mountain was on the snow grooming machine. During the 1980’s, a group of investors made a few vital improvements to the Timberline Ski Area, constructing a ski lift and much need snowmaking equipment. The resort has always been popular for skiing holidays and family excursions because of its breathtaking natural surroundings, activities, long skiing season and quaint, comfortable accommodation.

There has been much excitement and joy in regard to the opening of the new Still Creek Basin. The slopes of this magnificent Canaan Valley resort have always had a consistent fall line of approximately a thousand feet. The 4 286 foot elevation of Timberland has always guaranteed good skiing and snowboarding. But it was lacking a little excitement and adrenalin, and also a bit of variety. This led to the new development, which was revealed at the start of the 2007/2008 skiing season.

Skiing enthusiasts and snowboarding fanatics were stunned when the resort opened the Still Creek Basin that now sports eight alpine trails. It doesn’t just make lower-mountain skiing more challenging and enjoyable, but the trails also offer skiers protection against the weather. Some of the trails are longer than the original trails; with the Kruser Trail being 1.5 miles in distance. Cross country skiing will now be available at the resort, as will snowshoeing. The snowshoeing trail will lead visitors on a picturesque path of mountain exploration. Another spectacular addition to the added 220 acres of glorious mountain terrain is the Jeff Flood Express lift. What makes this lift exceptional is that it is a wind powered chairlift, which is part of the environmental protection initiative of the resort. Working together with nature has always been a top priority for the Timberline Ski Area.

Timberline Ski Area has always been known as the ideal destination for holidays and spectacular skiing fun. Now it has become an improved ski resort, with adventures, excitement and natural splendor waiting around every corner. Skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels will feel comfortable on the mountain, with trails and slopes to match everyone’s confidence. Timberland Ski Area is filled with activities, old and new, and is guaranteed to provide every visitor and guest with an unforgettable experience.