Skiing in South Africa

Often referred to as “Sunny South Africa”, this diverse multicultural country on the southern tip of the African continent is generally not readily associated with snow skiing. However, there are snow skiing options in the country, at least one of which is available all year around – The Ski Deck in Ferndale, Gauteng. Facilities at the Ski Deck include wet surface ski slopes, a 20m static ski slope and the country’s first fully computerized simulator, dubbed The Sky Tek Power Carver – for ski and snowboard training. Additionally, The Ski Deck has an on-site shop offering top imported brands in ski clothing.

With a guaranteed 30,000m of skiing slopes, and 30 years of teaching experience on tap, The Ski Deck offers the quickest, and safest, methods of mastering skiing and snowboarding skills. Skiers in South Africa who are planning to head to Northern Hemisphere slopes for a skiing vacation can jump-start their experience by learning skiing and snowboarding techniques beforehand. This means more time on the slopes at their destination, and a whole lot more confidence in tackling the real thing.

Another advantages of learning to ski or snowboard at The Ski Deck include having an instructor on hand, providing pointers and giving correction where needed. Also, with no waiting for ski lifts to take them back to the top of a ski resort slope, students can pack a whole lot of skiing into a short space of time, perfecting their rhythm and turns. Beginners will find this particularly helpful, as learning on snow is subject to changing weather conditions and the sometimes difficult task of making their way back up the slope after each descent.

Experienced skiers can practice their skills on The Sky Tec Power Carver, ensuring they are in good shape when hitting the slopes at their favorite resort. Skiers of all levels of competency can practice their skills all year around, thereby strengthening and toning muscles used for skiing, but not necessarily in everyday life. No more aches and pains to hinder skiers as they rediscover muscles they’d forgotten they had.

Snow sport enthusiasts don’t need to leave the country to enjoy snow skiing. Reservations for the 2014 ski season at Tiffendell in the Eastern Cape Highlands of South Africa are now open. So make your booking and start honing those snow skiing skills.