Caring for Your Gear

Snow skiing is a great sport to participate in especially during the winter months if you are fortunate enough to have snowfall nearby you. For anyone interested in snow sports, like skiing, it is vital that all your equipment is well looked after, stored correctly and properly prepared before being used again. The proper care of all your winter sports equipment can extend its life for many more fun filled years on the slopes and you can enjoy optimal performance from your equipment.

One of the best ways to ensure the longevity of your equipment is through prevention rather then cure or replacement. You will notice that after you have been out a number of times for a good couple of hours that your skis start developing rough patches. Don’t worry, all you have to do is file down the rough sections and add a coat of polish and the next time you are out they will perform like the day you bought them.

Be sure to keep a bottle of coatings in your ski repair kit, which you can apply easily to the base of your skis to help protect them from all the wear and tear they go through. You can also add a boot dryer to the kit, as you will need it to dry off your boots before you can go on your next run down the slopes. Leather boots need a little attention when you are using them for the first time to keep the water out. Any waterproofing or anti-water wax will do the trick and only needs to be applied once or twice every season.

Most of the upkeep of your ski equipment can be done yourself, but remember to take your skis in regularly to the nearest ski shop for major wax and tuning and detuning jobs. At the start of each skiing season it is also good to take in all your skiing equipment to the shop where they can check it thoroughly and ensure your boots, bindings and ski system are still in good working condition.

When it comes to the end of the season, first apply a thick layer of wax to the base of your skis to protection them while they are not in use. When it comes to using them again you will of course have to remove a lot of the excess wax before you can use them again. When you pack the skis away wrap each base individually in an old sheet or in newspaper, which will protect your skis from dust and moisture. It is not advisable to place your equipment in a waterproof container as damage can result from condensation occurring within the box.