Snow Boarding For Breast Cancer

Boarding For Breast Cancer (“B4BC”) will be holding their third annual Pink Ribbon Jibbin competition later in February this year. The rail jam competition, which has been held regularly since 2005, has proved to be a major success gaining more momentum and support with each passing year.

The opportunity to spend a night boarding one of the best rails – the Smith Limo – for the sake of a good cause has got people of all ages getting ready to show what they’re made of this year on the 24th of February 2007. This year the sponsorship and prizes are even better than before so get your board ready to participate in one of the most worthwhile competitions of the year.

The Boarding For Breast Cancer fundraising foundation was inspired by a young woman named Monica Steward. Monica was a snowboarding and music enthusiast and when she discovered she had breast cancer at the age of just 26, she suddenly found herself fighting the biggest battle of her life. Monica soon found herself frustrated with the astonishing lack of awareness that young woman have about the disease and so she embarked on a mission to fund research, increase awareness and educate woman about the disease.

Together with her friends and co-founders of the organization, the B4BC team decided to combine music and snowboarding to create an absolutely awesome annual snowboarding event. The proceeds would go to charity and the opportunity would be used to increase awareness and to help educate the thousands of young woman out there who may also one day have to struggle with this tragic disease. Unfortunately Monica Steward passed away just three months before the very first B4BC event took place but the ‘Pink Ribbon Jibbin’ contest was a massive success which has continued to grow and improve over successive years.

This year’s sponsors include Fire on the Mountain, New Hampshire, Red Bull, Burning Boards of Dover, K2 Ski and Snowboard, Bern, Cranmore Mountain and Smith. The event is going to take place at Cranmore Mountain’s Darkside Park and Smith will once again be providing the awesome Smith Limo rail. The prizes will range from new goggles to a new board and there will be special bonus prizes for competitors who are able to raise the most money through additional sponsorship. All you need to enter is $25 (USD) and the guts to do your best for a good cause.

For those who lack the talent to ride the rail there are plenty of other activities to enjoy so come along and support your friends and family to make this year’s Pink Rail Jam competition the best one yet.