Snow Sport All Year Around at Liberty Mountain

With climate change impacting negatively on snow sport destinations in many parts of the world, an artificial alternative may be just what snow skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts are looking for. An engineering firm in the UK has developed an artificial surface that mimics real snow, with the added advantage of being available all year around, irrespective of weather conditions. Moreover, the artificial surface has no hidden obstacles and is softer to take a tumble on, making it the perfect choice for beginners, while at the same time being suitable to create slopes and features to challenge experienced skiers and riders.

Dubbed Snowflex® by the manufacturers, this high performance product is made from a polymer composite, consisting of a monofilament fiber and carrier layer which is laid on top of a shock absorption system to give skiers the authentic feel of snow beneath their skis. A misting system reduces friction and adds to the experience. The fact that the system is used outdoors and requires no grooming means that its carbon footprint is significantly lower than snow-covered slopes in refrigerated buildings offered as all year around skiing venues. Developed specifically with snow sport in mind, Snowflex® has received two awards from the British Department of Trade and Industry and has been acknowledged as a viable alternative to snow.

Offering skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing every day of the year, the Liberty Mountain SnowFlex Center is the first venue of its kind in the United States. Located at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, the center features beginner, intermediate and advanced slopes catering for all levels of skill, and has a lodge with all the facilities needed for an enjoyable day out or an extended stay.

The Liberty Mountain SnowFlex Center offers lessons, with a view to steady progress by students, who will soon find they are tackling jumps, rails and other exciting features. Day camps and overnight camps include other activities such as rock-wall climbing, tubing, paintball and swimming.

So if you long for the thrill of snow skiing in the middle of summer (or at any time of the year), head for the Liberty Mountain SnowFlex Center and enjoy!