The Winter Wonderland of Discovery Ski Area

In the southwestern region of Montana lies an exciting and virtually undiscovered world of skiing pleasure. Even though locals have been enjoying the beauty and magnificence of the slopes at the Discovery Ski Area, not many tourists know about this little piece of skiing paradise. Set amongst the natural splendor of the National Forest, the more than six hundred acres of skiing trails and routes are not only breathtaking to behold, but a skiing and snowboarding wonderland for skiers of all experience levels.

The location of the Discovery Ski Area is enhanced by the historic towns of Butte, Anaconda and Philipsburg being nearby, providing visitors to the area with comfortable and friendly accommodation. Buses are available to transport skiers from the towns to the slopes of the Discovery Ski Area, and a ski holiday of a lifetime.

There are two prominent bowls that offer both snowboarding and skiing enthusiasts the thrill of taking on the steepest slopes in the region, with a 1 670 foot vertical drop. The terrain, which is filled with magical forests and wildlife, offers visitors various terrain choices, such as powder bowls, fast trails, tree skiing and massive runs. There are six lifts that service the slopes, three are double chair lifts and three are triple chair lifts. With sixty-three different ski trails, the Discovery Ski area accommodates beginners, intermediate, advanced and expert skiers. The terrain is also perfect for cross-country skiing. Free from overcrowding, the Discovery Ski Area gives each snowboarder and skier the freedom to move around as they please.

Visitors who have never experienced the adrenalin rush of the slopes will be able to take lessons from the professional ski instructors at the Discovery Ski Area. The ski school also gives special classes for children and can help skiers of all levels to improve their skills. The rental shop can assist in ensuring that skiers have the correct and safe equipment, and will also check personal gear for safety, free of charge. They are also able to assist in the maintenance and repair of equipment.

For a weekend of great skiing and snowboarding and the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of natural landscapes, ensure that Discovery Ski Area in Montana is on your list of ski destinations. The Discovery Ski Area is a wonderful escape for a holiday and offers visitors the opportunity to take to the slopes at one of the most treasured and hidden destinations.