World Record Set in Australia

The Perisher Blue Resort is one of the leading skiing destinations in Australia, located approximately seven hours away from Melbourne and six hours from Sydney. Beautiful slopes, ample ski lifts, a variety of activities and numerous events, make the Perisher Blue Resort extremely irresistible for local and international skiing enthusiasts. This year, they held the inaugural Salomon Rail Slide event. It drew thousands of spectators and many eager competitors to attempt a world record for the longest rail slide.

The Saloman Rail Slide was held on the 28th of August 2008 and saw thirty trialists compete against eighteen competitors who were invited to the event. Invited skiers included big names such as Russel Henshaw, freeride skiing legend and slopestyle champion, and Boen Ferguson, Halfpipe Champion of Australia. But as the day progressed, benchmarks were set and reset, narrowing down the number of finalist, until there were three left.

Not only did the hundred meter rail challenge skiers to set a world record, but it also had AUD$7 500 waiting to be divided amongst the top three competitors. Skiers were forced to use all their skiing skills to participate, showing magnificent performances of agility, experience and athletic ability. The world record however, was set during the preliminary rounds by Miles Clark, who delivered a perfect grind that measured 54.6 meters. The Saloman Rail Slide title went to Nick Breheny during the finals, with a 43.1 meter slide, earning him AUD$5 000. Second place received AUD$2 000, which went to Hue Dowdall and his impressive 40.8 meter performance and third place was taken by Lachlan McDonald for the 37.7 meter grind he was able to deliver.

Over and above spectacular weather, breathtaking skiing action and world record achievements, fun was had by both competitors and spectators, which is what the day was all about. Perisher Blue Resort and Saloman put great effort into hosting a magnificent event and skiing competition. It was an enormous success as most events at Perisher Blue Resort usually are, and spectators threw themselves behind competitors creating an energetic vibe, allowing all to enjoy the festivities.