Famous Skiers

There are many famous skiers throughout the world. We will highlight just a few of them.

Toni Sailer of Austria, a famous downhill skier, came to be called the “Blitz from Kitz” as he won all three of the Alpine skiing events at the Winter Olympics of 1956. He went on to win 3 gold medals and silver in other World Championship events. He retired in 1959.

A famous Italian skier is Alberto Tomba. His first participation at the Olympics was in 1988 where he won the slalom and giant slalom. He went to win more medals at the next two Olympics and is the first male downhill skier to have five career Olympic medals.

Bode Miller currently holds the title of World Cup champion. He won 2 silver medals at the 2002 Olympics and has gained a further 4 gold medals at various championships.

May these famous skiers motivate you to join the world of skiing.