Sandia Peak

Experience the ultimate diversity of nature combined with great skiing and a fun-filled family-orientated destination. This is the Sandia Peak Ski Area in a nutshell. Located in the Cibola National Forest, you’ll find the ski area is roughly a short 30 minute drive from Albuquerque.

Upon arriving at Sandia Peak, you’ll find yourself surrounded by seemingly dry and somewhat inhospitable desert. However, upon boarding the “world’s longest tramway”, you’ll soon discover that this hot, dry and dusty world is transformed first into a place of beautiful, lush, green forest and then into a world of ice and snow. The entire tramway transports you a striking distance of 2.7 miles over a variety of landscape and habitats. There is nothing quite like it. If you don’t want to take the tramway, you can access the ski area by Highway 536.

Once you’ve reached the ski area, it’s just a short lift ride up the remaining 1 700 ft to the 10 378 ft mountain summit. You can make the trip on any of the resort’s seven, well-maintained lifts. Once you’re at the top, you’ll find 30 different trails to choose from as well as 47 kilometers of cross-country skiing. The trails are rated 35% beginner, 55% intermediate and 10% advanced, so there is something for everyone. Sandia Peak is also an ideal place to learn and you will find that there are a number of great lessons available every day. You can also hire the necessary equipment at the rental shop. Snowboarding is allowed on all of the trails and there is also a half pipe for snowboarders to make use of.

In summer the resort continues to operate and you’ll find a few other activities to enjoy. These include mountain biking and scenic chairlift rides. Appetites are normally best satisfied at High Finance Restaurant & Tavern, Sandiago’s Mexican Grill and the Sandiago’s Deli. There is no nearby accommodation, but most visitors simply come through for the day.

The resort also caters for families by means of women’s programs and children’s programs but there are no childcare facilities available. If you’re looking for somewhere new to ski this winter between December and March, why not try the Sandia Peak Ski Area? It’s a whole new mini-vacation experience.

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