Cerro Bayo

A more scenic ski resort would be hard to find. Cerro Bayo in Argentina’s Lakes District is surrounded by forests and has a wonderful view of Lake Nahuel Huapi. Just five miles from the lovely town of Villa de Angostura in the Province of Neuquen, Cerro Bayo Ski Resort is a small ski resort that is extremely popular with families.

Its natural beauty, friendly ambience and variety of slopes are its main attractions. This well equipped resort is just fifty miles from Bariloche airport but is slightly off the beaten track. The scenic journey from the airport alone makes it worth the trip.

The 32 trails provide a skiing area of nearly 500 acres, accessed by eleven well-maintained chairlifts. Children and beginners have gentle slopes to ski on and kids can build their confidence at the nursery and ski kindergarten on the slopes. Advanced and expert skiers will enjoy the steep black runs and scenic, often untouched off-piste skiing. Enjoy the thrill of deep-snow skiing in the ravine and the off-piste forested descents running from the top to the bottom of the mountain. The longest run overlooks the beautiful Naheul Huapi Lake and is nearly four miles long. Families can take advantage of cheap chairlift passes during the low season from June to July and from late August to October.

The latest attraction at Cerro Bayo is the new snowboard park but snowboarders are also allowed to use the trails and enjoy the snowboard club. Other popular activities include fishing, hiking or mountain biking trails and horseback riding. Villa de Angostura is a small picturesque town situated by the lake at the base of Mount Bayo. Despites its small size it has numerous cafés and restaurants. The cheese fondue at Rincon Suizo is not to be missed. The mountain slopes too have lovely restaurants with splendid views. One can stay near the village on the slopes in cabins or look for a suitable place in Villa de Angostura. The village offers a wide range of accommodation from cabins, apartments, hotels and inns to comfortable lodges and a luxury lakefront boutique hotel.