Go Adventure Skiing if You Dare this Winter Vacation!

Take a ski vacation in untouched snow this winter if you are a good skier! Adventure skiing requires some skill and experience in off-piste skiing but offers an unforgettable thrill. Skiers and snowboarders are accompanied by guides who know the terrain by snowcat to open bowls, towering glades and untouched powder fields to enjoy the challenge of mountains. It often involves accessing terrain by helicopter or snowcat.

This challenging vacation in little explored high mountain slopes is an opportunity to improve your off-piste and steep skiing techniques! The tour operators who offer adventure skiing in the Himalayas, Alps or Alaska will initially take you on some intermediate or expert runs as a warm up and then on to challenging off-piste areas. Your adventure skiing can last a day or a week depending on your spirit and stamina.

A short trip could involve reaching the terrain by helicopter and enjoying some skiing, and climbing or getting there by snowcat. A longer trip would involve steep skiing on unmarked snows to cross vast areas to the camp for the night. You could then take a helicopter to higher slopes and ski down to the next snow skiing resort. You could follow this for as long as you want.

An adventure skiing vacation gives you a chance to sample the best of everything with expert guides to make all the arrangements. You can enjoy stunning scenery, wonderful off-piste skiing, helicopter rides and long days of classic ski touring over a great variety of terrain. You will experience most snow types as you combine backcountry skiing, ice/rock climbing, mountaineering, or lift served skiing to access some of the best out of bounds skiing in the country!

An adventure skiing vacation usually has a small group of skiers and snowboarders with two guides. In America the Alta ski area offers a unique skiing adventure of guided off-trail skiing in the Grizzly Gulch Bowl in Little Cottonwood Canyon. A heated cabin custom snow cat takes the group to the top of Grizzly Gulch at an elevation of 10,500 feet. You can then enjoy 375 acres of incredible bowl skiing, dropping to 9,000 feet. Powder skis are recommended.