Alpine Sliding at Snowbird Ski Resort in Utah

If you’re looking for some great summer activities, look no further than the Snowbird Ski Resort. This great resort is absolutely brimming with a diverse variety of excellent activities. One of these is an activity that has become increasingly popular over the years – that of Alpine Sliding.

Alpine Sliding started becoming popular a few years ago and now you can find one of these great slides at virtually every single ski resort that is open for summer activities. The slide itself takes the shape of a long chute, which is situated down the side of a hill. This chute is usually made of cement or fiberglass and is smooth to the touch and vaguely resembles a bobsled track. Participants will then seat themselves in a small, wheeled cart that is used to navigate the slide. The cart may seat up to two passengers and features a handbrake, which is located between the rider’s legs. This handbrake allows the rider to control his speed while his direction is navigated by the curves of the slide. Pulling the lever back increases speed while pushing it forward applies the brakes. Speed control is important, since going too fast around difficult corners may result in accidents and even injuries.

Alpine Sliding has been said to be a somewhat unique amusement ride since it provides the rider with complete control over his level of speed. Some riders will make the most of it, sliding through corners as fast as they possibly can while others are more timid and will apply breaks virtually the whole way down. Alpine Sliding has been seen as a great way to supplement summer income at ski resorts across America and the Snowbird Center features a great Alpine Slide. Their slide winds its way down the Chickadee Run and features plenty of twists, turns and even tunnels to keep you entertained. The great part about Alpine Sliding is that you do not have to be experienced to enjoy a particular track since, with the simple push and pull of a lever, you can control your entire downhill experience. The Alpine slide has been open since June 9 between 11:00 and 20:00 and the rides are well priced for both children and adults. So give this great new adventure activity a try and discover the thrill of Alpine Sliding for yourself before ski reason starts again in a few months.