Colorado Ski Resorts: Ruby Hill Rail Yard

On 10 January 2007, the Winter Park Resorts, together with Denver Parks and Recreation, opened their latest project to the public. Ruby Hill Rail Yard is an urban rail yard that features six rails, each configured differently to accommodate novice to advanced rail riders. This exciting new snowboard activity was created for the youth, to be able to enjoy themselves in a safe environment.

The Ruby Hill Rail Yard is situated between the avenues of West Florida and Jewell and between Quivas Street and South Platte River Drive. Enthusiast under the required age of seventeen, are requested to enjoy the urban rail yard under the supervision of an adult.

The opening of the Ruby Hill Rail Yard was done in spectacular style. With 750 000 gallons of water, snow machines created a winter snowboarding wonderland that covered the entire bowl of the yard in three feet of snow. Snowboards and other equipment were made available to parties who wanted to try their hand at rail sliding. The more experienced snowboarders were given the opportunity to show off their skills, and Winter Park athletes joined in the fun, to lure enthusiasts into the world of winter activities and entertain the crowds.

This amazing initiative that was brought together by the Denver Parks and Recreation, Winter Park Resort and the city of Denver, will hopefully not only draw attention to Denver, but to the Winter Park snow ski resort and many amazing activities that are located in and around Denver. The rail yard will be open to all snowboarders and rail riders free of charge, and during the hours of 5 am in the morning to 11 pm at night.

This is the first urban rail yard that is constructed to accommodate both rail riding and snowboarding enthusiast, and is an activity that can be enjoyed all year round. It is hoped that the manmade snow will last till at the end of February, after which the Ruby Hill Rail Yard will become an urban rail yard for skateborders. Due to the rail yard being free of charge, the city hopes to attract the youth to the secure surroundings of the yard, and in doing so, to ensure their safety. When winter shows it head again, the Ruby Hill Rail yard, will once again transform itself into a winter playground.