Explore the Untouched Wilderness of Chic-Chocs

Chic-Chocs Mountain Lodge, situated at 615 meters in the Matane Wildlife Reserve of Gaspasie Peninisula, eastern Canada, is an exclusive wilderness snow skiing get-away. With the emphasis on the conservation of this untouched part of the world, the Chic-Chocs Mountain Lodge ensures that the trails in the 60 square kilometer reserve are designed in such a way as not to be intrude on the wildlife in the area.

The Chic-Chocs Mountain Lodge has also been designed with conservation of the environment being a top priority. In order to preserve a sense of privacy, the Lodge accommodates a maximum of 36 guests in its 18 en-suite rooms. The lounge and dining room areas have been set out in a way that encourages social gatherings among the guests. The balconies and large windows look out on awe-inspiring scenery of vast areas of virgin forest, majestic mountain peaks and Chute Helène – a 50 meter high waterfall tumbling into a crystal clear pool. The lodge also offers a sauna, outdoor Jacuzzi and a modern boutique.

The head guide and his team assist guests in choosing activities, while introducing them to the history and special features of the area. The highly trained guides are familiar with the territory, mountain safety measures and the use of technical equipment required for the area’s snow conditions. Guests can explore the rugged beauty of the Matane Wildlife Reserve confident that their safety is being taken care of.

Winter activities include Alpine Touring, where skiers will enjoy a blend of downhill and backcountry snow skiing through untouched snow with 400 meter vertical drops. Meta skiing is an activity described as being somewhere between snowshoeing and mountain skiing. Meta skiing does not require knowledge of any specific technique and is the perfect way to enjoy outings in the more heavily forested areas with qualified guides leading the way. Other winter sports include snow shoeing and split-boarding. Summer activities at Chic-Chocs Mountain Lodge include hiking, mountain biking and trout fly fishing.

The attractions of this mountainous territory include Mont Matawees at 1,073 meters and Mont Collins at 1,036 meters, the fault at the summit of Mont Frère du Nicol-Albert and the exceptional snow cover which averages more than 8 meters. Matane Wildlife Reserve is home to large numbers of moose, as well as caribou and white-tailed deer, which roam freely through the diverse vegetation, while bald eagles, falcons and hawks fly overhead.

For a total break from the hectic pace of daily life, Chic-Chocs Mountain Lodge offers a snow-skiing adventure in the heart of an untouched wilderness that will have snow sport adventurers coming back for more.