How to Become a Ski Instructor

Many snow skiing enthusiasts may view being a ski instructor as a dream come true. Being paid for engaging in one of your favorite activities certainly is an ideal situation and is often the motivating factor behind becoming a ski instructor. Although being a ski instructor is a seasonal job, there are ski resorts all over the world that welcome competent, reliable ski instructors. Traveling to wherever the snow is can add a whole new dimension to your favorite sport.

In order to become the kind of ski instructor that ski lodges will be eager to employ, you must meet requirements with regard to skill, experience and certification. The whole process starts with your own skiing ability. Although you don’t need to be a snow skiing champion in order to teach, you do need to be a proficient skier. If you are able to ski, but need to brush up on your skills, do this before you attempt to get certified as a ski instructor. Keep in mind that the average student you will be instructing is not a professional athlete. They may be intimidated by an instructor who can’t relate to their inexperience, so communication skills and patience are essential to set your student at ease. The three areas in which you can be certified are Adaptive, Alpine and Nordic. It would certainly be beneficial to obtain certification for all three, as this would open up wider employment opportunities. Make sure that the certification you get is accepted internationally.

Once you have received certification as a ski instructor, the next step is to find a job. The internet is invaluable in this regard as it will open up employment opportunities for you within your country as well as world-wide. At the onset of the winter season, ski lodges and ski schools often look for instructors to hire. Make sure you have a full resume available, including details of your skiing experience, certifications and any previous teaching experience. Submit this to as many potential employers as possible. Although certification is essential, many employers are looking for an instructor who has a passion for the sport and has the desire to help others to discover the joys of snow skiing.

Snow skiing techniques and methods of instruction are continually changing and improving. Once you have become a ski instructor it is vital that you stay up to date with current trends, so that you can continue to be paid for doing something you love.