The 19th Annual Bach Festival at Cranmore Mountain Resort

Each year, music enthusiasts gather in North Conway, New Hampshire, to enjoy the masterful works of Bach, presented by the well-known White Mountain Musical Arts. Since 2006, the Annual Bach Festival has been chiefly hosted at the Cranmore Mountain Resort at the 10th Mountain Pavilion. So if you are interested in chamber music or want to learn more about the renowned composer Bach, then come to North Conway between the 23rd and 26th of August this year.

The Bach Festival is the brainchild of Dr. Clarence Snyder, who came up with the idea in 1989. Dr. Snyder pictured a musical event amidst the White Mountains, a tribute to the fine musical works of Johann Sebastian Bach. The first event was held at the Episcopal Church in North Conway. 2007 will be the 19th edition of the Bach Festival and patrons can listen to the masterful work of some 80 musicians. During this four-day musical extravaganza, visitors will have several opportunities to learn more about the music of Bach and the Baroque era.

But why feature the compositions of Bach? Johann Sebastian Bach’s music has been popular amongst all types of people from various age groups since the 1700s. His compositions were aimed at a wide selection of instruments. He created amazing chamber music and even church cantatas. Indeed, Bach’s music has touched many and continues to be heard the world over.

Several works by other composers are also presented at the Bach Festival, so listeners can enjoy a full Baroque Experience. The Annual Bach Festival will start off on Thursday the 23rd of August at the Christ Church Episcopal and will kick-off with “A Chip off the Old Bach” (especially aimed at children). That same day will feature a concert with only compositions by Bach. The program for 24 August will be hosted at the Cranmore Mountain Ski Resort. Friday will feature: a concert with small instrumental works and choral chamber pieces; The Coffee Cantata; Torelli’s Trumpet Concerto in D Major; and more. Saturday the 25th of August will boast an orchestral and vocal concert with works by Bach, Handel, Purcell and Telemann. Sunday the 26th will start with the Sunday Morning Bach Service at the Church of Christ, Congregational. The program will then move over to Cranmore Mountain Resort where a concert with masterpieces by Bach, Heinichen and Telemann will be held.

Ticket prices for the 19th Annual Bach Festival at Cranmore Mountain Resort vary according the seating sections. There are three types of seating in the 10th Mt. Pavilion, which is air-conditioned. The seating sections are as follows: Conductor’s Circle, Mid-Section and General Seating. A 4-Concert pass is also available. Book your tickets for the 2007 Bach Festival today, so as not to miss out on this memorable event.