The 2007 US National Snowshoe Championship in Minnesota

Snowshoeing goes back 6,000 years ago to what is known today as central Asia. It was thought that the Inuit’s and Native Americans brought snowshoes with them to North America when they moved away from Asia. From pieces of wood to white ash frames with raw hide laces, the snowshoe has changed to what we know today.

It was only after the 1970’s that snowshoes were used for recreation, before it had been a means of survival. There are three types of snowshoes, the oval shaped bear paw used for forest areas, the long Yukon snowshoe used for deep “powder covered” areas and the Beavertail, which can be used in a variety of snow conditions.

In 2007 the sixth United States National Snowshoe Championship takes place on March the 9th and 10th at the Elm Creek Park Preserve in Maple Grove, Minnesota. At the Elm Creek Park a new Visitors Center that has only recently been completed, it is from here that the races will start and finish. This is also where you will be able to view the start and finish. The grounds contain a sliding and tubing hill with a carpet lift and cross-country ski trails. Those that participate in the Citizens 5K, Kids Kilo and in the Championship events will be given a discount on skiing and tubing.

The actual racecourse trail is made up of a number of loops. Depending on the weather conditions competitors will either run a 5K loop if there is enough natural snow or a 2.5K loop if not. The 4-person, 10K relay will take place only in the evening but the 2.5K loop will be fully lighted.

If you would like to participate in the United States National Snowshoe Championships you will need to have already registered as a USSSA member. Next you must download the USSSA Membership Form which you will find on the USSSA website and then send it off with all monies required. While on the USSSA website join on-line via and then register for membership at the USSSA regional qualifier. At this race the ten overall Junior Boy and Girl and the Senior Men and Women finishers will qualify for the 2007 Championships as well as five finishers from each age group. Snowshoes used must not be smaller then twenty inches long and 7 inches wide.

Male and female winners of the junior 5K and senior 10K will receive a USSSA Championship Trophy, a pair of Mizuno shoes, an embroidered jacket and a folding stadium blanket. The first three to cross the line will receive a bronze, silver and gold medal respectively. For all other participants you will receive a long-sleeved T-shirt and a Moretz Sports Powersox. Those competing in the Citizen 5K will receive an embroidered jacket and a folding stadium blanket and anyone else who competed in this event will receive a long sleeve T-shirt and a Moretz Sports Powersox. The kids snowshoe kilo will receive a short sleeve T-shirt and those who compete in the four-person 10K relay will receive a Moretz Sports Powersox.