Stover Mountain

Just ten minutes from Chester you will find Stover Mountain. Whilst not the biggest or most exciting resort in California, it has plenty of snow-filled fun activities to enjoy. Stover Mountain is a part of Lassen National Forest and as a result, it is not owned and operated by any one specific person, however it has everything necessary for it to be an inviting destination.

Stover Mountain features eight runs which range from beginner to advanced. One of the more unique features of this ski area is that it uses one of the longest rope tows in the US, instead of a ski lift. It has a summit elevation of 5600 feet and it spans out over 13 acres of land. You will find that Stover Mountain caters to alpine skiers, snow-shoers, cross-country skiers and snowmobiling. You can sled, but not on the skiing slopes and you might be able to practise your basic snowboarding skills on some of the downhill slopes but there are no jumps or pipes. There is no restaurant at Stover Mountain, but if you haven’t had time to pack a tasty picnic lunch, a short drive back to Chester will make available to you a small selection of diners and restaurants to choose from. Facilities on the actual slope include a warming lodge and portable restrooms. You can also purchase bottled water to keep yourself properly hydrated.

If you live near Stover Mountain or are planning a vacation in the area, don’t miss out on this great, fun-filled family vacation destination. It’s affordable and has a relaxed atmosphere that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. Also, since it is government regulated you will need to keep in mind the various rules and regulations – but these hardly hinder you from having any fun. In fact, the more relaxed atmosphere inspires freedom and fun on a grand scale. Enjoy!