Cottonwood Butte

Cottonwood Butte Ski Resort in north central Idaho, offers an excellent day of skiing not far from the town of Cottonwood. Offering diverse terrain, skiers of all levels of expertise have a great time at Cottonwood Butte. The resort is popular amongst families and is a fantastic spot to learn.

Imagine yourself standing at the base of Cottonwood Butte. You stare up at the vast snow covered landscape. Hopping onto the ski lift, you take in a big breath of cool mountain air. Arriving at your chosen trail you stand looking out at the breath-taking view. You then concentrate on the run before you. This is going to be amazing. Your pulse is slightly raised. Pushing off, the adventure begins. Cottonwood Butte is such a thrill!

Skiers and Snowboarders will thoroughly enjoy exploring Cottonwood Butte’s 260 acres of snowy landscape. Seven trails cross the 845 foot vertical of the resort and its runs are rated as follows: 28% beginner, 29% intermediate and 43% advanced, with the longest run measuring in at 4000 feet. With an annual snowfall of 45 inches you are certain to have a delightful ski experience. Two lifts, a rope tow and a T-bar, are available to carry snow sport enthusiasts up the glistening slopes and when the sun sets, the fun doesn’t end, as the trails are lit up for some night skiing. Cottonwood Butte Ski Resort also caters for the needs of patrons with equipment rental and food service.

So why not book into one of the hotels at Cottonwood town and purchase your tickets to experience the stunning slopes of Cottonwood Butte.

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