A winter vacation in Yellowstone is not as popular as at other times of the year and that makes it the perfect secluded getaway into the wilderness. A wonderful way to take in the some of the most beautiful scenery in the country and unspoiled back-country is to go cross-country skiing. There is plenty to explore on the off-trail terrain and skiing into the remote areas of Yellowstone can be a truly rewarding experience. Lovers of Alpine skiing can choose from the seven resorts in the area.

Snowshoeing is gaining popularity here and you can use a guide as well as a series of yurts in the west portion of Yellowstone National Park. Whatever you wish to do, skiing or snowshoeing, local tour guides can transport you to remote areas of the park, and pick you up when you return. .Cross country skiing is usually along Forest Service logging roads and old country roads as well as golf courses that are perfect for track skiing in winter.

Several surprises lurk on your cross country skiing trip in Yellowstone. One moment you are heading through the frigid air and then you are enveloped in hot steam escaping from deep within the ground. There may not be many skiers but there is a strong likelyhood of encountering some wildlife, including buffal, bison and elk. Take in the serenity of the vast open spaces and snow covered trees around you. The trails are marked but can be difficult to find in new snow, when they aren’t tracked. Keep in touch with the visitor centers or ski shops for current information on weather, trails and snow conditions.

The Yellowstone Region offers accommodation for all tastes and budgets. Choose something that suits your style either far from the local communities, or close to shopping, dining, and night life. A good option is to book a package through a vendor or tour agency which includes skiing, snowmobiling or any other recreation of your choice, along with lodging that you prefer, as it can save you a lot of money and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you are well cared for.

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