Montana is the ultimate dream vacation destination for snowmobile lovers. Thousands of miles of groomed and non-groomed trails are maintained all over the state by local snowmobile clubs, right from the mountains of Kootenai Country in the northwest part of the state to West Yellowstone. Montana has some of the longest snowmobile trails in America. It should be noted that visitors from outside Montana have to obtain a permit before they embark on their snowmobile tour.

Snowmobiles are available on rent everywhere and local clubs provide guidance and assistance. Yellowstone National Park is a fascinating sight in the winter. A snow coach carrying up to thirteen passengers is an ideal way for families on vacation and smaller groups to experience the park. The snow coach drivers act as guides too, filling you in on the wildlife and history of this magical place.

Clark Fork Valley is the home of Thompson Falls and the area is known for its breathtaking scenery and mild climate. This makes it a perfect vacation spot in Montana, as it is surrounded by millions of acres of National Forest providing endless recreation.

Another area well loved by snowmobiling is Helena, with nearly two hundred and fifty miles of trails leading into ghost towns, mountain ridges and the national forest. Helena nestles in a beautiful valley between the Big Belt Mountains and the east slope of the Rocky Mountains. The local snowmobile clubs support three separate trail systems that offer awesome snowmobiling experiences of for all levels of riders.

Minnehaha-Rimini is just 10 miles southwest of Helena and has 120 miles of groomed trails through some of the prettiest forest scenery. Northeast of Helena are forty five miles of groomed trails to Magpie Sunshine area, that offers incredibly beautiful views of the Gates of the Mountains Wilderness. Revel in the scenic, high ridge overlooks and views of the Helena Valley and Canyon Ferry Lake on the Magpie Trail system.

A snowmobiling vacation to Montana offers plenty of scenic views throughout and comfortable lodging at most places. As this is one of Montana’s leading contributors to the economy, visitors are most welcome and there is plenty of guidance and support on most trails.