Leavenworth Ski

Get outdoors and stay healthy this winter at Leavenworth Ski Hill. This superb, low-cost ski area features six different winter activities, daily grooming and a fun-filled atmosphere. The tiny ski area only has a 400 ft vertical drop but that does not mean it is short of things to do. Leavenworth offers a variety of exciting activities, the opportunity to make new friends and even the chance to get involved and add more value to this popular little ski area.

Leavenworth Ski Hill is open to the general public and it offers cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, ski jumping, snowboarding, snowshoeing, a tubing park and a terrain park. The ski hill is small but you will be able to enjoy all these activities in one great location which means no worrying about your little ones while you enjoy yourself – they’ll only be a short distance away. The two alpine trails as well as the cross-country trails are groomed every day of the week to provide the best surfaces possible. The ski area is open four days a week as well as on a daily basis during school holidays and you will also find that night skiing is an option at this well-organised little winter sport spot. The 10 kilometres of cross-country trails are a excellent place to gain an introduction to the sport while the terrain park is one of the most friendly places to learn new facets of snowboarding and skiing.

Refreshment can be found at the Ski Hill Lodge where you’ll also be able to make new friends and find out more about this the Leavenworth Winter Sports Club, which has been operating since 1928. If you’re looking for instruction, the Leavenworth Winter Sports Club has a number of instructional programs available.

The ski area is open between December and April and makes for a great alternative to the bigger resorts with all their hustle and bustle. You’ll find it in the village of Leavenworth complete with families, friendly faces and a great charm. Try the Leavenworth Ski Hill the next time you visit the area – it’s an experience unlike any other.