Are you looking for a ski instructor for your children or yourself? Does your snowboard need repairs? Services page will be able to assist you in finding a business that meets your requirements.

Many ski shops and other specialist stores offer repair services for skis and snowboards. Their services may include mounting, a quick tune (sand, edge bevel & wax), a full tune (stone grind, ceramic edge & wax), edge repair, binding mounts, welds and base inlays. Certain repair shops may also be able to customize your ski boots for you with grinding and stretching tools.

Ski resorts have stores from which you can rent ski equipment. Local companies may also offer this service for you take the equipment along on your vacation. Shop around for the best deals.

Skiing lessons for the whole family are offered at ski resorts and indoor skiing arenas. Qualified instructors will be able to assist you to hit the slopes with confidence.

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