Where Shop

You may be interested in purchasing a set of skis or perhaps a book on skiing and ski destinations, but do not know where to look. Where to Shop will provide you with a brief overview of where various ski products and services can be found.

Ski and Snowboarding Equipment: Basic skiing and snowboarding equipment can be purchased from most outdoor stores. If you would like a greater range to choose from and professional advice it is probably best to visit a specialist ski and/or snowboarding store. Some manufacturers have their own stores which stock only the brand(s) which they produce.

Ski Clothing and Protective wear: Outdoor stores will generally stock a variety of thermal clothing specially designed for icy and wet weather conditions. Alternatively visit your specialist ski/snowboarding store who will also be able to supply you with protective wear.

Publications: General publications on skiing, snowboarding, destinations and so on are available at most bookstores and second-hand book shops. More technical or specialized publications may have to be purchased directly from the publishers, but most bookstores should also be able to source these for you. Magazines can be bought in magazine stores or by subscription.

Merchandise: Skiing and snowboarding merchandise can be found just about anywhere. Ski museums, competitions, skiing clubs and associations, big skiing events, gift stores and such will often have a selection of merchandise for you to choose from.

Skiing Holiday Packages, tickets etc.: Great skiing holiday packages, deals and so forth can be found by visiting your local travel agency. They will be able to organize your entire holiday for airplane tickets to accommodation.

Numerous online stores offer skiing and snowboarding products as well as services. From equipment, to merchandise, to skiing lessons, you are certain to find what you seek online. Visit our Snowskiing.com classifieds page for fantastic shopping opportunities or look around at the advertisers featured on this website.